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cgbookcase.com is an online library of PBR textures for 3D artists that I run. The textures are available for free under the Creative Commons 0 (CC0) license, which means anyone can use them for pretty much whatever they want, even commercially. The project is backed by patrons and affiliate partnerships.


Most of cgbookcase.com is built using Svelte and Sapper. I also run a small Express.js app where supporters of cgbookcase.com can log in and retrieve their rewards.

Creating Textures

For some of the textures I shoot multiple photos of a surface and then stitch them together. Most other textures were created entirely procedurally using Substance Designer.

For future releases, I'm also experimenting with photogrammetry.

Bark Materials

Bark Textures

Ground Materials

Ground Textures

Marble Materials

Marble Textures

Metal Materials

Metal Textures

Paving Materials

Paving Textures

Rock Materials

Rock Textures

Wall Materials

Wall Textures

Wood Materials

Wood/Parquet Textures