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Klanglandschaft (Beta)

Klanglandschaft is a an interactive 3D map of Lake Lucerne created in collaboration with rnaisa. Using a node editor, you can create a soundscape that reacts to changes in the landscape as you navigate the map.

This prototype was developed during a course at the Digital Ideation programme at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. You will experience bugs.


The source code is available on Github. I did the data processing, the 3D map view and programming the sound editor logic.

Data Processing

The project uses various datasets from Swisstopo. A script downloads the required datasets and then converts the relevant data into one square kilometre large tile maps.

Buildings tile map
Forests tile map
Elevation tile map
Railway tile map
Satellite tile map
Traffic Noise tile map
Traffic Noise
Bodies of water tile map
Bodies of water
Wind Speed tile map
Wind Speed

3D Map View

The 3D map is made out of tiles. Only the tiles close to the user are being loaded.

Sound Editor Logic

The sound editor is built using Rete.js (for the nodes) and Tone.js (for the audio effects).

To pass the data of the section of the map the user is currently viewing, it is being rendered twice with shaders that display the various data sets.

Further Reading

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