Creating PBR Textures

Over the last few years, I've created more than 450 PBR textures and made them available under the CC0 License.

PBR Map Types

All PBR textures on come with multiple types of maps. These maps are used to describe different properties of a surface at any given point.

The following blue and purple normal map, for instance, is used to describe which direction any point on the fabric is facing.

a normal map

The textures on follow the Metalness/Roughness workflow and usually come with four to six different types of maps.

Creation Methods

Most of the textures were created using one out of two methods: Photographed or procedurally generated. Photographed textures are created by shooting multiple photos of a surface from a top-down view, stitching them together, making them tileable and creating the different map types.

For photographed textures, I use RawTherapee for RAW editing, Image Composite Editor for stitching, Affinity Photo for making them tileable, and Substance B2M or Alchemist for making the different map types.

For procedurally generated textures, I use Substance Designer. More on how a procedural material is created can be read in the material breakdowns for Immersion VR.


Here's an overview of some of the textures that I've released on so far.

Bark Materials

bark textures

Ground Materials

ground textures

Wall Materials

wall textures

Metal Materials

metal textures

Wood Materials

wood textures

Paving Materials

paving textures

Marble Materials

marble textures

Rock Materials

rock textures